Over the last four months, I’ve been running my Writer’s Realm workshops, with a group of amazing-amazing human beings, each with a story and voice that demanded to be heard. This Realm became a safe space. A space for survivors, lovers, healers. For all of our heartbreak and raw selves, to be let free.

Each week had its own little bit of magic. From stories about home to self love. From the heartbreaking stories we’d never shared before; to the incredible triumphs we’ve experienced. We’ve had tears and laughter. Hugs and moments of silence that held us all together, like a warm hug.

I feel tethered to them all my spirit. Sagal. Hashi. Fahima. Abdalla. Maryam. Najib. Zahra. Farah.M. Neimo. Jawahir. Amina. Ayan. And even those, who came, graced us with a little of their spirit and had to leave.

The workshops came to an end last week, with an evening of some incredible poetry and live music. There was so much demand for tickets, that we had to turn so many people away (sadly.)

I am so, so proud of the Writer’s Realm Collective, every single one of them performed their poetry. Writing and performance that came straight from the heart and touched so many people. Sharing with the audience just a little of the magic I’ve been blessed to witness every week.

The feedback we’ve had has been amazing. So much love and support.