Farah Gabdon

siti opzioni binarie italiano Farah is a writer, performance poet and English Teacher from London. Originally from Somalia, she weaves intricate and delicate poetry that bridges the gap between navigating these two worlds and creating an identity of her own.

sistema binario com Farah's poetry is delicate, soft and brutally honest. Poetry that goes straight to the heart, of whoever is reading. She has performed poetry across London and Europe.

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Breathing Just A Little Breathing Just A Little (BJAL) is Farah's first collection of poetry no available for purchase. It is a tender and thought provoking collection, touching on themes of: identity, womanhood, love, relationships and many more.

source url Her poetry can be found online, where it has received a great deal of attention.

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Breathing Just A Little Breathing Just A Little [BJAL] is now available via createspace.
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